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1-abc.net Birthday Reminder 8.0

You will never forget the birthday of your friends after installing this program
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The 1-abc.net Birthday Reminder 2.0 is a desktop software utility toolkit for Windows XP and Vista operating system users that enables them to record detailed information about birthdays and other important events and reminds them of those events in a pop up window on the date.

Users benefit from this program’s features by knowing that they will never need to miss an important date again. Reminders of events recorded can pop up in a window on the actual date either from Windows start up or while the program sits discreetly in the background. Users can set the program to open a few days earlier if the want to, to remind them to buy a gift, for instance. They can select how many days they would like for this prior warning.

Highly functional, this program has a user-friendly interface that users can change the look of by applying skins and colors. The program can also be used to remind users about weddings, dental appointments, or any other important dates. The program can open any file enabling users to share knowledge of special dates with friends. It also allows users to leave comments or notes to themselves about gifts wanted, say, and the program can even open websites to take users online to buy their gifts if they’d like. Users can enter recurring events and notifications, and this information is all stored in the program’s database. 1-abc.net Birthday Reminder 1.0 also features a holiday database, supporting Microsoft Outlook HOL Format. Another important feature of the program is that it can read and write to any external memory device such as an SD memory card, a USB stick or an external hard drive. The program can also be installed on those devices because it is only 298KB and has a low CPU usage. Available in a multilingual version, this program is downloadable and features the English, French, German and Hungarian languages.

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